The Universe Between Us

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couple-talking-on-bench-8There is a world of information out there to explore and explain. There is a universe right now, here, to reside in. T21 The Art of Self Leadership

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The Opportunity Before You

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Everybody breath for a second. We are in this together. Someone told me there is a line in the Bible. God is love.
Yes we all have the instinct to pair into groups and fight. We also have the capability to know you are no different than me. We are wasting the amazing opportunity we have before us. We live in a time of plenty acting like we still need to fight over scraps. Let go of what you know and become your beautiful powerful self.

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Leadership Moments

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There is a space in, and in between every moment that gives access to a universe of infinite possibility. Discipline yourself to see that moment and not fill it automatically. This is the fundamental ability of great leaders. Your response determines the outcome you experience. The more mindful your response the more you direct the outcome.
T21 The Art of Self Leadreship

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Can I Really Change?

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drawing look in mirror

The change most people are seeking is about creating  different outcomes, and yes that is possible.  You create different outcomes by using different tools. You have to lay down the ones your using and learn to use some new ones.

The good news is you already have everything you need, it is more about putting down the hammer and chisel you are skilled with and pick up something else. Here’s why, your life looks more like clay to be mindfully molded now, than the block of wood you started carving at years ago.

You won’t loose the hammer and chisel, just have more options to create what you already know is possible.

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Reality of Change

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Change can occur only by recognizing the reactions and responses that got you here will only get you more of this. You must face the success of your engagement, lay it down and know the stillness form which it all arose. In this manner you may allow new possibility and mew outcomes. Bon Voyage.

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